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After eighteen years in an advertising agency environment as a copywriter, producer, director and account executive, as well as at least twelve years as an independent writer, producer, director, photographer, announcer, television host and voice and on-camera talent, I have consciously chosen to transition away from traditional consumer product marketing to work in environmental preservation, sustainable practices, wildlife and natural resource management, adventure travel and the enhancement of human spiritual awareness. There are enough advertising and marketing folks to sell more stuff to people who neither need nor can afford more stuff. I'm interested in the products and practices that may help save us from extinction.

I am drawn to wide, wild, windswept and mountainous places, the people who explore them and creatures that inhabit them. I believe that these places are elemental to the American psyche, that if we lose them, we will lose our unique identity. More than that, I believe that we are the Universe becoming aware of itself, the consciousness of Creation. We stand upon the mountaintop of evolution and, along with that lofty honor, comes our responsibility to cherish and champion our environment, especially our remaining wilderness areas. I believe that one of the best ways to preserve these places and their spirit is to introduce them to people of all ages with words and images that invite personal discovery.

As a voice and on-camera talent, photojournalist, producer and adventure traveler,

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